The quest for quality: Benefits of behaviorally targeted sampling

It’s oftentimes hard to remember what we did yesterday, let alone what we purchased last month. Yet, much consumer research relies on consumers’ ability to recall their actual behavior. If marketers are making decisions by relying on consumer recall, costly mistakes can be made. We’ll illustrate the many tangible, practical benefits of behavioral targeting of survey respondents for consumer research, as compared to traditional screening from recall-based research panels.

Behaviorally targeted sampling sources survey respondents based on verified first-party purchases of specific brands or categories, which automatically eliminates a range of likely-fraudulent respondents, increasing research quality. This also enables faster, more efficient fielding and research based on complex behaviors such as switching, lapsing and long-term purchasing patterns as well as following households longitudinally to verify and validate their responses. We’ll also explore scenarios where research on complex behaviors is critical.

Key takeaways:

  1. Survey respondents can be identified and recruited more quickly, efficiently and accurately using behavioral data giving you confidence in the quality of data.
  2. Response patterns and survey results can be meaningfully different when comparing behaviorally targeted respondents vs. traditional panels.
  3. Behavioral targeting leveraging verified shopper households can be followed longitudinally after research is conducted to measure the predictive validity of their responses and demonstrate ROI.

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