Joe Jordan

Senior Vice President - Innovation & CX, OvationMR

Joe Jordan is the Senior Vice President of CX + Innovation at OvationMR, a global B2B insights solutions provider for audience sampling, global tracking measurement and analysis and reporting. Joe brings decades of experience in market research, building and developing unique panels and driving technology in a diverse set of industry applications for both start-ups and the Fortune 500 alike.

Joe focuses on enhancing the customer experience by extending the capabilities of OvationMR with his extensive domain knowledge, business strategy and client expertise. He continues to leverage new methods to acquire target audiences who will provide valuable insights for OvationMR clients now and for years to come.

Joe Jordan has dedicated his career to market research innovation for B2C and B2B clients to deliver strategic insight on global trends and consumer interaction with products and brands throughout his career

Joe has been developing new research technologies, marketing strategies and revenue opportunities in a variety of industries and startups, both inside and outside the marketing research industry for decades

Joe specializes in research strategy, execution, mobile/online audience development, product/vertical strategy creation, business development and account management solutions for global clients.

In his recent prior roles, Joe was responsible for growth strategies of more than 300 supply partner relationships, corporate restructures with venture capital in Research Tech, and built multiple proprietary audiences to align with strategic business goals defined by quality and performance requirements.

Sessions from Joe Jordan:

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Wednesday | 9:40 am - 10:10 am | Room 1