Jennifer Whaley

Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Client Service, OvationMR

Jennifer is the Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Client Services for OvationMR. She is the senior member of the solutions team and oversees communication for all B2B quantitative research inquiries. She offers extensive experience in expertise in guiding every client to their desired outcome.

Jennifer is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Business Sciences. Her early career was as a pharmaceutical field marketing solutions specialist, specifically focused on creating innovative programs and platforms as client-side solutions to help leverage better business opportunities and relations. She expanded upon this career by developing a firm focus on branding and digital solutions, which served small and medium enterprises to help them promote their online digital marketing campaigns, which we would tie to performance metrics. She has helped dozens of retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors to improve their DTC programs.

She has been a member of the OvationMR team for four years, though is a third generation researcher within her family. During her tenure at OvationMR she has been the chief architect in developing best practices for connecting Business Professional audiences to research practitioners, consultants and end-users and takes a quality-first approach to every client outcome. She has lent her experience in client branding and solutions to the OvationMR Market Research and Insights team to help offer clients the best possible service.


Sessions from Jennifer Whaley:

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