Janie Vitlina

Janie Vitlina is the Center of Innovation lead for primary market research innovation and portfolio insights at Novartis. She is an idealist and eternal optimist, always looking to the future and asking, “how can we make this better?” With 15 years of experience in insights, Janie cut her teeth in consulting, brand strategy, and market research and has been driving insights innovation across the pharma industry. Today she focuses on the future of insights by identifying implications of a customer-centric framework on insights generation, the translation of brand love to pharma, identifying new metrics for measurement and blockchain.

Sessions from Janie Vitlina:

Web3, blockchain and the disruption of insights

The future of technology will revolutionize many industries and how we think about data sharing, privacy, and customer insights. Learn how blockchain and web3 will disrupt the entire insights industry [...]