Bernd Grosserohde

Practice Area Lead New Product Development and Pricing Research, GLG

Bernd Grosserohde is leading GLG’s offer for new product development and pricing research. His focus is on building company and brand value through innovation and optimization. With over 20 years of marketing research experience, Bernd has worked with many global companies on building stronger, more profitable products. His area of expertise covers choice modeling, segmentation and other advanced analytics tools. Before joining GLG, Bernd was Global Head of Pricing and Portfolio Management at Kantar.

Sessions from Bernd Grosserohde:

Beating bias: Best practices for customer-centric product and concept testing

When developing a new product, it is always worth remembering that you are not your customer. Buyers of products have their own reasons for accepting or rejecting new products. You [...]


Tuesday | 9:00 am - 9:30 am | Room 1