Annie Pettit

Chief Research Officer North America, E2E Research Services Pvt Ltd

Annie Pettit is the chief research officer, North America, at E2E Research, an ISO 27001 certified, ESOMAR corporate member company that offers market research, data analytics and business intelligence solutions to help research companies extend their services. Annie is the author of People Aren’t Robots: A Practical Guide to the Psychology and Technique of Questionnaire Design, as well as a regular blogger and conference speaker. Annie is also Chair of the Canadian ISO Standards Committee (ISO 20252). Annie hopes to one day memorize how to play an entire song on her ukulele.

Sessions from Annie Pettit:

5 ways to Increase the playfulness of your questionnaires right now

Researchers have gotten very accustomed to writing questionnaires as if they were Charlies Dickens or Jane Austen. But who writes like that? Who talks like that? And how is alienating [...]


Wednesday | 9:40 am - 10:10 am | Room 2