Marketeers is an independent, full-service market research and consultancy company, working in more than 40 countries globally.

We don’t just gather data; we guide our clients in making strategic business decisions and identifying opportunities for growth through our advanced behavior measurement tools, and expertise in translating analytics into actionable decisions.

Our advanced statistical tools, best utilized in our Premium Product, Smart Suite(TM), are designed for brand managers, to reveal what’s really in consumers hearts and minds through our behavior measurement tools; and when combined with powerful analysis, the result is Verified Accurate Predictions of the action’s effect on market performance.

Winners of Philip Morris International (PMI) Best Quantitative Research Award 2010 for Smart Value™.

ESOMAR Global Award Winner for Market Research that “Made a Difference” 2020

Sessions from Marketeers:

Making a difference: How qualitative research helped UNICEF shift cultural paradigms in the Middle East

Based on a case study that won an ESOMAR Making A Difference Award in 2020, this session will discuss how we applied qualitative research techniques for our client UNICEF to [...]


Wednesday | 9:00 am - 9:30 am | Room 1