We invite you to submit presentation material for The 2018 Quirk's Events, which will take place January 30 - 31, 2018 in Irvine, CA and February 27 - 28, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY.

    Please note: This call for speakers is ONLY for client-side companies. If you are a marketing research vendor, solution provider or consultant interested in speaking at either or both of the 2018 events please contact to learn how your company can get involved.

    The Quirk’s event is a two-day experience, with the exhibit hall at the center of the event to facilitate face-to-face meetings between Quirk’s valued subscribers and our industry supporters. The cost for client-side researchers to attend will be extremely affordable (starting under $100) to maximize attendance and provide the most inclusive marketing research experience possible.

    To offer attendees the most diverse, current and relevant content, we are inviting corporate researchers to submit presentation ideas for the available speaking slots over the two-day event. In particular, we are seeking presentations dedicated to sharing real-world experiences, best practices and strategies. Sessions are 30 minutes in duration.

    Submission deadline is September 29, 2017.

    Speakers will be notified by October 6, 2017 if their proposal has been approved to be presented at The Quirk’s Event.


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    1. Thou Shalt Be Interesting: Explore new industry territory and present ideas you haven’t seen or shared before

    2. Thou Shalt Be Effective: Tell a story. Have a client present or use real client examples to illustrate your points

    3. Thou Shalt Be Relevant: During no part of your presentation should you ever sell your company, services or products

    4. Thou Shalt Be Honest: Speak of failures as well as success and never exaggerate statistics, findings and claims

    5. Thou Shalt Be Engaging: Deliver your presentation with clarity, gusto and actively engage your audience

    6. Thou Shalt Be Memorable: Inject humor and personality into your presentation

    7. Thou Shalt Be Prepared: Practice, Practice, Practice! Do not read directly from your speech or from your slides

    8. Thou Shalt Be Visual: A picture is worth a thousand words. Favor images and video over text and speaking

    9. Thou Shalt Be Accessible: Remain open to questions after your session, but do not exceed your 30 minutes!

    10. Thou Shalt Be Considerate: Keep to the schedule -30 minutes total!

    I agree to uphold the Q-Mandments

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