Sharing/Splitting Exhibitor Passes at the Quirk’s Event – What are my options?


Option 1 – no additional cost:
If your team would like to exchange badges with each other (names will not be changed), we can do this with no additional charge. Example: Frank leaves his badge for John to wear on day 2 and John wears the “Frank Badge” all day.

Option 2 – $75 additional cost:
If your team requires us to create a new name badge and Klik app access, there will be a $75 fee. Example: Frank drops off his badge to our registration desk at the conclusion of day 1, day 2 John arrives and picks up his new badge with his name and app access.

Please note- You must inform us of the need to change and the names, no later than February 7th for London, February 28th for Brooklyn and March 28th for Chicago.  In addition, the previous badge MUST be turned in before a new badge will be issued.  To utilize this option, please send the names of those who are swapping and their email address to by the dates previously listed.

Option 3 – $699 additional cost:
Any other exhibitor badge exchanges done onsite will result in a full exhibitor pass charge ($699). Example: Frank does not drop off his badge after day 1, and John asks for a new badge onsite day 2.