The journey of revamping our brand

Developing a new brand identity is always a delicate process. For over 40 years, Herbalife changes lives by providing nutrition products around the world and offering the business opportunity for people wanting to build a business working part-time or full-time hours should they choose. The company’s role has evolved from weight-loss, to nutrition, to focusing on holistic health and wellness.

How do we create a unified brand voice globally to help general consumers understand us, while ensuring a continued strong emotional attachment with our distributors, who sell our products and our customers, who consume our products?

In addition, there is the challenge of getting buy-in and alignment from multiple stakeholders – Sr. Management, Key External Stakeholders, Brand Agency, Regional VPs, etc. This is a case study of how the right insights and process rally internal and external stakeholders together to agree on a common goal and direction and help develop a new brand identity that resonates with various target audience.

Key takeaways:

  1. The methods used to create solid foundational insights for the brand.
  2. The importance of partnership and having a rigorous process to build confidence.
  3. The key elements that help turn insights into actions.

Advertising Case Study Presentation by End-Client


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