Raising Generation Alpha: How Millennial parenting is impacting the next generation and how to avoid alienating millennial Moms and Dads

Our latest thought leadership study comes from a year of in-depth and substantive research with Millennial & Gen Z parents and their kids in the U.S. and U.K.

These parents are raising their Generation Alpha kids with a distinctly different set of values than previous generations.

A focus on positive mental health, happiness and permission to be their authentic selves is underpinned by the determination to make the required sacrifices to be a constant and consistent presence in their children’s lives. For example, 8/10 Millennial parents think it’s more important for their kids to be happy than successful (consistent in both the U.K. and U.S.). And over 2/3 feel that their child influences then to make better decisions about the planet. And this direction of travel is accelerating with Gen Z parents!

This means that Gen Alpha, supported and mentored by their Millennial parents are set to participate as citizens in a more pro-active, imaginative and creative way than ever before.

How brands respond to this more vocal and participatory generation will determine their success and ultimate survival in the future.

In this session Beano Brain will bring to life the eight most pertinent themes of this parenting cohort, how these are reflected in Gen Alpha and call out a number of different implications for brands who are already or looking to be relevant for Millennial moms & dads.

Come along and hear Beano Brain share some headlines from their latest Thought Leadership study, impart their thinking on what this might mean for brands like yours & be able to pick their Brains!

What are three takeaways or three solutions this presentation provides for attendees?

  1. The latest generation of parents ARE markedly different from previous generations and these differences, in turn, impact Generation Alpha’s own attributes. You need to understand what these differences are in order to be relevant.
  2. Millennial parents in the U.S. and U/K. do have commonalities BUT there are undoubtedly cultural differences that have wide implications for brand, product and marketing strategy.
  3. There is a huge opportunity for brands to support, facilitate and play an important role in families’ lives.

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