Like peanut butter and jelly, MR and UXR are better together

Have you ever wondered what the future of research is? It is MR and UXR working together to be more successful, not living separately. When combined, MR and UXR are as good as, if not better than, PB&J.

At Vanguard, our Financial Advisor Experience Research team is a hybrid research center of excellence. Rather than working in MR and UXR siloes, we have found success by recruiting and developing researchers who are multi-tool players in both the UXR and MR worlds. This talk will highlight how we work together and how our work creates synergies and alignment, further strengthening research and creating business efficiencies. We plan to demonstrate how more traditional teams can nurture both MR and UXR skillsets to build a future-ready research team.

Key takeaways:

  1. How the lines are blurring between MR and UXR, especially on our team at Vanguard.
  2. Success stories of how MR and UXR researchers work together currently in the B2B space.
  3. How to become a hybrid researcher as well as how to build a mixed-methods hybrid research team, the ultimate research sandwich.

B2B Best Practices Presentation by End-Client


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