Leveraging activity-based methods to discover your brand’s Aha! moments

Over the last three years, digital qualitative research has come of age. It has evolved from a research staple to an essential driver for understanding customer attitudes, perceptions and behaviors. At the core of this transformation is activity-based research.

In this informative how-to session, Ray Fischer and Paula Kramer of Aha! Insights Technology will share several pragmatic approaches to defining, designing and discovering compelling human stories within unstructured data.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understanding the advantages of Activity-Based Studies vs. bulletin boards.
  2. How to Design Activities to better understand Human Emotion.
  3. Leveraging Projective Techniques to engage and inspire respondents.
  4. Combining Activity-Based tools with Agile approaches.
  5. Discovering Aha! Moments in your Analysis.

Methodologies Presentation by Supplier Technology


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