Insights for all: How to make research more accessible for people with disabilities

People with disabilities make up ~16% of the population. Why then does research regularly exclude people with disabilities or present them with subpar experiences?

Buzzback, Ipsos, NRG, Material+ and Verizon’s Customer Marketplace Insights group have formed a consortium of research professionals to identify issues and improve the accessibility of our research practice. Our main goals are to

  1. Ensure customers with disabilities have a voice in research through both representation in recruiting, and inclusive research design.
  2. Create conversation/dialogue within the broader research community.
  3. Aim for continuous improvement. We would like to share our collective learning and welcome others to join the effort.

Key takeaways:

  1. How-to support customers with disabilities in having a voice in research through both representation in recruiting, and inclusive research design.
  2. How to collaborate with partners rather than reinvent the wheel.
  3. Evolve an accessibility practice with continuous improvement as a goal.

Best Practices Consumers Presentation by End-Client


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