How Molson Coors uses foresight to inform the innovation pipeline

How do new brands break through the clutter? How can you get ahead of the next big thing? While you can’t predict the future, you can prepare for it.

During this session the Molson Coors insights team will talk through how they use foresight thinking and an understanding human needs to help develop and inform the innovation pipeline. We will share some of the broader cultural trends we are seeing and showcase how that is brought to life through innovation.

Key takeaways:

  1. Dedicate time and resources to think and prepare for the future – connecting cultural context to consumer behaviors and uncovering how to address emerging needs in new and meaningful ways can be a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. There’s no “easy button” or rushing of the process.
  2. Be consumer obsessed. Starting with a strong understanding of your consumers as humans – inclusive of their fears, passions, motivations and tensions – is at the heart of every good innovation.
  3. Widen your aperture. It’s crucial to look beyond current product trends and consumer behaviors in your immediate category when future-proofing your business. Consider how larger cultural shifts (i.e. social, technological, environmental, etc.) could have implications on your business and consumer.
  4. Create a culture of innovation. Embrace the fact that learning is a continuous and iterative process. Challenge the status quo, celebrate failures, and coach your team to be more comfortable with the “uncomfortable.”

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