How Campbell’s leverages behavioral research and augmented reality to fuel innovation

By strategically implementing a multi-step research approach, Campbell’s first took the time to understand how consumers were interacting with the salty snacks category and key Campbell’s salty snacks products in-store today. Then, with an informed understanding of what drives success for both the salty snacks consumer and category, Campbell’s next prepared to use augmented reality to test a new, innovative, recommended store layouts which implemented important findings from Wave 1 of research. This session will describe the planning and execution of this multi-wave approach as well as the team’s major take-aways.

Key takeaways:

  1. Learn from Campbell’s how they are leveraging behavioral research at-scale, and the impact this has had for their organization.
  2. Discover through a real-life example how to practically leverage augmented reality for market research (it is easier than it may appear!).
  3. Instill confidence in pioneering new research techniques, technology and methodologies via a proven example of a top CPG company, Campbell’s, taking the leap to use a new research approach and experiencing great results and success.

Case Study Consumers Joint Presentation


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