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Background – Allow us to reintroduce ourselves and Generation Z! From the team of ‘Next Gen’ researchers and creators of ‘IYKYK,’ we are back to offer deeper insights on Gen Z (18-25) at a pivotal moment in their lives as they begin to live independently, enter the workforce and develop unique attitudes, behaviors and opinions.

Gen Z has a unique set of expectations regarding the brands they value and choose to support. Their choices not only offer insight into how they spend their time and money, but also provides us a glimpse into who they are and what they value. The goal of this research was to explore Gen Z’s expectations, perceptions and desired relationships with brands so that corporate insights leaders and agencies can better attract, serve and connect with this key target audience.

Approach – In talking with insights leaders from healthcare to consumer-packaged goods, B2B, retail, nonprofit and more, we heard a consistent need across categories to better understand and improve engagement with ‘Next-Gen’ audiences.

By using both qualitative and quantitative methods, we confirmed hypotheses, debunked stereotypes and uncovered the unexpected when it comes to what makes this generation tick.

Impact – Regardless of role in the research, listeners will walk away from this presentation with some tips and tricks on how to connect with this next generation of consumers in meaningful and impactful ways.

Key takeaways:

  1. Researchers will gain a deeper understanding of how Gen Z is influencing our culture as well as how Gen Z is influenced by social media platforms, influencers and/or other sources.
  2. Learn about the types of relationships Gen Z has with brands and what is driving their support, disappointment and motivation to switch.
  3. The do’s and don’t for how brands can successfully connect, interact and engage with Gen Z in meaningful ways to build lasting relationships.

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