Entertainment habits of a hard-to-reach audience

Our research aimed to understand internet habits and usage of a specific segment of nontraditional internet customers (those who rely more on mobile service for their data needs). We wanted to understand more about their home lives, thoughts on data usage, entertainment setups and how they spent their entertainment time.

Our hypotheses were that nontraditional internet users would over index on coming from rural areas, have lower household income, have smaller households, and have fewer connected devices in their households. What we discovered was that nontraditional internet users came from a wide variety of locations, economic backgrounds, household sizes and often had a wide array of connectible devices. Follow up qualitative research helped illustrate the way these households perceive the importance of connectivity in their lives, their entertainment habits and the ways they supplement their data usage. We also validated that nontraditional internet households did have a lot of devices in their households, but with an important twist that would not have shown up in the quantitative research.

Key takeaways:

  1. Methodological considerations on how to capture a nebulously-defined audience.
  2. Understanding the complementary value of quantitative and qualitative research in the same audience.
  3. In some ways, the 90’s never really went away.

Entertainment Presentation by End-Client Research Report


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