Breaking the mold: How blending methodologies will ignite your growth in 2023

In a world obsessed with big data and algorithms, we’ve sacrificed the human context. Research professionals have fallen into a pattern of accepting the social norms of our trade and not challenging the trade offs of different methodologies. But what if it could be different? And what if we could show you how?

Blending quantitative and qualitative methodologies allows you to view the real people and human stories behind your numbers. There’s no need to compromise on the pros and cons of each method. You can understand, holistically, how to drive business growth, without having to focus exclusively on a statistic or exclusively on an opinion. They both should feed into each other, in one place, to power your decision making.

Using a timely and topical study run in the lead up to this event, Attest’s VP Customer Success, Sam Killip, and Principal Product Manager, Vanessa West, will share:

  • The quantitative and qualitative findings.
  • The data points you can have confidence in and why.
  • The merits each data element brings to the picture.
  • Real world examples of how this methodology blend has been used.

By removing compromise, you can unlock efficiencies, build confidence and reduce time to impact. The result? Trailblazing change within your organization.

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