Mark Michelson

CEO/Producer, CX Forums, Inc./Threads Research

My mission in life is to help people understand each other. This mission has paved the way on an incredible journey as an entrepreneur in the marketing research and customer experience industries since 1984.  Marketing research specialist focused on customer experience design (journey mapping, product, facility and service design) and performance measurement (NPS, CSAT, CES, Mystery Shopping).

As producer of CX Forums Customer Experience Summits I connect professionals to learn from each other and create new opportunities via intimate in-person events focused on CX/UX/MRX/CS/Product and how these disciplines work together to affect business outcomes.

Sessions from Mark Michelson:

Why is there a firewall between CX and MR and how do we bridge the gap?

MRX (Market Research) and CX (Customer Experience) are two related but distinct disciplines that focus on understanding and improving different aspects of a company’s operations. MRX and CX often overlap [...]