Luke Williams

Senior Director, CX Measurement & Insight Strategy, Microsoft

NY Times bestselling author. Multi-award-winning CX and VOC practitioner and Head of CX Strategy and Thought Leadership at Qualtrics. Prior to Qualtrics, VP and global leader of AECOM’s Client Care Program, that firm’s global client feedback and analytics function. Before AECOM, he spent eight years with the world’s largest survey research firm rising to head of consulting and head of research methods. Responsible for the design, management and innovation of more than 300+ CX, VOC and MR programs delivering ROI every day.

Sessions from Luke Williams:

Why is there a firewall between CX and MR and how do we bridge the gap?

MRX (Market Research) and CX (Customer Experience) are two related but distinct disciplines that focus on understanding and improving different aspects of a company’s operations. MRX and CX often overlap [...]