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At the core of the solutions offered at Solugo, we simply focus on the three important components – people, data and quality, that empowers our clients with most sought out real insights. Our solutions are backed up by authentic and relevant data acquired from our diverse and balanced panel pool, with a special focus on sampling and solutions that help our clients connect with their target audience and collect valuable and sought after data that further helps them devise business strategy and make the right decisions or call to action. We also advise our clients to produce accurate and relevant information via our carefully curated customized surveys and polls.

Founded in 2018, Solugo is an emerging and trusted name in the field of survey solutions arena backed up by authentic and relevant data collected from the panel pool of real people across various verticals and geographies. We help our brand partners capture real-time insights with our out of the box thinking and trusted online panel. Driven by a very focused and enthusiastic team, we cater to mobile surveys, telephonic interviews, online sampling and tabulation, affiliate marketing, cross tabulation and data collection, project management on the go.