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NAILBITER® is a global quantitative behavioral videometrics platform developed exclusively for quantitative video-based market research.

Using in-the-moment video, NAILBITER® captures and codes real shopping and consumer behavior in-store, online and at-home into actionable metrics that are being used to protect new product launches, determine marketing effectiveness, map shopper journeys, deliver planogram diagnostics and much more.

NAILBITER® scales behavioral research with new metrics and norms that have been proven out at the world’s top CPG brands. We are a data and analytics provider and a full service agency.

We’re not only one of the fastest risers on the list and one of the youngest companies in the GRIT Top 50, we are also the only supplier with a female CEO and the only certified Minority Business Enterprise supplier (NMSDC) within the Top 15.

Sessions from NAILBITER:

How Campbell’s leverages behavioral research and augmented reality to fuel innovation

By strategically implementing a multi-step research approach, Campbell’s first took the time to understand how consumers were interacting with the salty snacks category and key Campbell’s salty snacks products in-store [...]