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Decision Analyst is a global marketing research and analytical consulting agency, serving Fortune 1000 corporations, advertising agencies and management consulting firms. Custom research and analytical consulting are Decision Analyst’s foundational competencies. Decision Analyst is a leader in advanced analytics, mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization techniques.

The firm is dedicated to helping clients optimize brand strategy, marketing and advertising and operational systems. The firm melds qualitative investigations, strategic survey research, marketing science and advanced analytics to solve marketing problems and build winning brands. Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Decision Analyst serves clients across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The firm is wholly owned by its 150 employees.

Decision Analyst helps clients develop and grow winning brands by:

  • Creating winning marketing strategies.
  • Developing new products (through ideation, brainstorming and innovation).
  • Building powerful brands.
  • Improving product acceptance.
  • Elevating advertising communications.
  • Boosting package design effectiveness.
  • Strengthening promotional programs.
  • Optimizing pricing strategies.
  • Enhancing the customer shopping experience.
  • Optimizing employee recruiting and maximizing employee retention.

Decision Analyst places great value on scientific thinking, hard work, meeting deadlines, quality assurance and staying within budgets. The firm’s creed is A Spirit of Service, A Spirit of Caring.

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