How AI is changing the landscape of research platforms

Room 2 | 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm | Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Since COVID-19, the research fraternity has seen drastic changes in its approach toward consumer research and user research. Technology adoption is at its peak and online research platforms have become clear winners of this digital transformation. Online research platforms have enabled researchers to conduct Quantitative and Qualitative research with great ease and agility. Both consumer research and user research have observed immense scale and speed thanks to these platforms.

However, does this mean that researchers have all the technologies at their disposal? What’s next in the phase of digital transformation of research?

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in day-to-day research activities is the next big thing. Technologies like facial coding, eye tracking and voice AI are not fancy technologies that need lab setup anymore. AI is becoming more accessible and economical now, with some research platforms having these technologies built-in.

In this session, learn how AI is powering online research platforms and taking them one level higher. Learn how easy and beneficial it is to use AI technologies like facial coding, eye tracking and voice AI to perform large-scale behavioral research.  Learn how to measure and quantify implicit responses to correlate them with explicit responses gathered via surveys, IDIs and FGDs. Learn how all of this is possible under one integrated research platform that has Quant + Qual + AI. Also, learn how AI is shaping up analytics and insights via data visualization and storytelling to add more accuracy and actionability to insights.

Key takeaways:

  1. AI is the next big thing in research: Learn how AI is the next big upgrade that researchers need in their research platforms. Learn how AI makes behavioral research more accessible and scalable. Hence, learn how AI changes the landscape of online research platforms and what makes a platform stand out.
  2. Introducing AI to research: Learn in detail about the three emerging AI technologies in research i.e. facial coding, eye tracking and voice AI. Learn what kind of insights and metrics they provide in terms of attention, engagement and emotion levels of consumers. Learn how these metrics are useful to researchers in adding more accuracy and actionability to their insights.
  3. Benefits of AI-powered platforms: Learn why an AI upgrade is absolutely necessary for current research platforms. Learn about the long-term implications of AI adoption and the way it benefits execution teams like marketing and sales in having a better understanding of their consumers. Learn how these in-depth insights help brands achieve benefits like higher spend ROI and brand equity.

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