Ty Tonander

Vice President Brand Design, Ultra Creative

Ty has been in the creative industry for 22 years. After working at some of the best package design and branding agencies in the U.S., he became a partner at Ultra Creative, heading up the Brand Design department.

In addition to branding and packaging, Ty also focuses on helping companies ideate around new food and beverage products. He’s taken clients on food treks across the country to help uncover new ideas in and outside of food. Developing Amazon’s first private label food brand, innovating for Starbucks and working as a jimador in the agave fields of Mexico are career highlights.

Sessions from Ty Tonander:

The importance of research in branding and packaging redesign

Whether qualitative or quantitative in nature, checking in with consumers on a redesign of a brand or packaging not only provides important details to the creative agency, but can save [...]


Wednesday | 9:30 am - 10:00 am | Room 1