Rick Kieser

CEO, Ascribe

Rick Kieser is CEO of Ascribe, a leading provider of online software solutions for managing verbatim texts. Founded in 1999, Ascribe has developed an integrated suite of text analytics solutions (natural language processing, machine learning and semi-automated technologies) to generate insights from open-ends. Rick is an experienced senior executive and entrepreneur with 25 years managing P&L’s, growing businesses and completing growth capital investments. Prior to joining Ascribe, Rick led the venture funding and eventual sale of Intelliseek, a pioneering text analytics firm that specialized in measuring consumer sentiment through online word-of-mouth feedback (acquired by Nielsen BuzzMetrics eventually called Nielsen Online).

Sessions from Rick Kieser:

The power of AI in coding open-end responses

Are you under pressure to code market research results faster and with more accuracy, while also reducing costs? Are you concerned about leveraging AI and losing control of the results? Ascribe’s [...]


Wednesday | 9:30 am - 10:00 am | Room 2