Kristy Wang

Insights Manager, McCain Foods

Kristy Wang is an insights manager at McCain Foods.  She has over eight years of experience on both the supplier and client sides. Kristy is passionate about bringing the voice of the consumer and operator to the forefront of everything she does. In her role at McCain, Kristy brings a depth of empathy, imagination and strategic thinking to make a meaningful difference and enable the organization to be consumer and customer led. Prior to joining McCain, Kristy worked on the supplier side with extensive market research experience across different retail and CPG accounts.

Sessions from Kristy Wang:

Achieving launch success: Unlocking the full potential of an innovation

The appetite (so to speak) for classic comfort foods might feel universal to many of us. But when translating a brand new offering from Europe to North America, cultural context [...]


Wednesday | 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Room 4