Jonathan Dore

SVP and Founding Partner, Reach3 Insights

Jonathan Dore is a senior vice president and founding partner of Reach3 Insights, an innovative market research consultancy focused on insight gathering through conversational approaches and communities. Jon runs the Reach3 Chicago office and is responsible for bringing the company’s unique methodologies and advanced technologies to organizations across the consumer goods and services industries.

Jon is an award-winning methodologist and true thought leader in the insights world – he consistently speaks at major conferences in an effort to bring innovation to the MR industry. Jon specializes in developing creative and multi-faceted research approaches which blend both qualitative and quantitative data.

Sessions from Jonathan Dore:

The future of insights is conversational: How modern insight professionals use mobile and conversational approaches to capture immersive and authentic feedback

Consumers who are most likely to provide authentic, trend-setting insights are least likely to participate in traditional research. Why? Because traditional research feels more like taking a test than a [...]


Thursday | 11:00 am - 11:30 am | Room 4