Ivey Crespo

Senior Director of Qualitative Research and Strategy, Vital Findings

Ivey leads the qualitative practice at Vital Findings, an insights and strategy agency. Deeply empathetic and highly creative, she’s developed unique techniques to help businesses connect and create with their customers. A seasoned strategist and moderator/facilitator, Ivey specializes in co-creation, white space exploration, future-casting and activation. She prides herself in unearthing deep and unexpected insights and is known for her ability to facilitate workshops that imagine what’s next. Ivey holds a Masters of Art in Cultural Anthropology from Georgia State University.

Sessions from Ivey Crespo:

Co-creating brand magic with HOKA: Tips and tricks for successful stakeholder/consumer co-creation

Well-designed market research can identify actionable insights and innovation areas. But what’s next? Creative thinking can sometimes hit us out of the blue, but it doesn’t have to be an [...]


Wednesday | 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm | Room 2