Debby Schlesinger-Debby

Co-Founder, The Art and Science of Joy

Debby’s background in business has given her experience in coaching, mentoring and building teams. She is interested in bringing that knowledge and new learnings to advance more joy to all.

During Debby’s time developing leaders she has found that people are searching for more belonging and a sense of purpose in their everyday life, including the workplace. With this knowledge Debby is passionate about helping others find a path to a more joy-filled life, looking to have a positive impact on many.

The Art and Science of Joy brings about new understanding of a full life filled with joy.

Sessions from Debby Schlesinger-Debby:

Uncovering the recipe for a joy-filled life

We certainly need more joy in the world, and to a large extent we are each responsible for finding our own joy. But it’s not always easy – challenges come [...]


Thursday | 1:15 pm - 1:45 pm | Room 1