Channing Stave

Chief Operating Officer, Newristics

Channing Stave, Ph.D., is Chief Operating Officer of Newristics, a marketing and market research consulting firm. Prior to co-founding Newristics, he led the strategies and market insights team at Express Scripts. He has also held senior positions at Pfizer and IBM. He is a founding board member of Solving Kids’ Cancer. In addition, he is Co-President of the Board of Directors for Camp Zeke and Secretary for the Board of Madison Strategies Group. He holds a BA from Columbia University and a MA and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from New York University.

Sessions from Channing Stave:

Messaging that Connects: Bridging the gap between insights and creative action with behavioral science

Insights teams often get asked to provide research guidance to drive messaging by uncovering consumer pain points, current states and desired end states. These hard-earned insights are handed over to [...]


Thursday | 10:15 am - 10:45 am | Room 4