Breanne Armstrong

Research Director, Tech & Gaming, Reach3 Insights

Breanne Armstrong is a research director specializing in Tech and Gaming at Reach3 Insights. Bre has over a decade of experience turning data into action across many industries. Using her experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodology, Bre helps to build brands and enhance customer experiences and is especially interested in looking for “what’s next” in market research.

Bre is a 2021 ARF Great Mind Awards Future Forward Award winner, recognized along with a team of researchers for a study that systematically uncovered and measured gender bias in investing relationships, and is an Event Lead for WIRe in Detroit.

Sessions from Breanne Armstrong:

The future of insights is conversational: How modern insight professionals use mobile and conversational approaches to capture immersive and authentic feedback

Consumers who are most likely to provide authentic, trend-setting insights are least likely to participate in traditional research. Why? Because traditional research feels more like taking a test than a [...]


Thursday | 11:00 am - 11:30 am | Room 4