At Vital Findings, we’re obsessed with delivering the actionable and inspirational data you need to ignite business action and grow your brand.

We bring fresh and relevant thinking to your objectives by focusing on custom research that delivers meaningful results. Our staff is immersed in design thinking, which means we collaborate, innovate and use a creative approach on every project to design your research and uncover actionable insights.

Great research demands attention, and we make sure it gets that attention with head turning deliverables. We view communication as art, and research as visual journalism. In our VF Studio, we create design-driven reports, infographics, personas, video deliverables, installations, and insights workshops. We continuously innovate new ways to bring research to life so each project makes a unique impact.

Sessions from Vital Findings:

Co-creating brand magic with HOKA: Tips and tricks for successful stakeholder/consumer co-creation

Well-designed market research can identify actionable insights and innovation areas. But what’s next? Creative thinking can sometimes hit us out of the blue, but it doesn’t have to be an [...]


Wednesday | 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm | Room 2