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Your Research Opens New Opportunities and Ways of Thinking which:

  • Improves a business process
  • Impacts a single person’s ability to lead a better life, and
  • Will revolutionize a culture

OvationMR understands what matters most is you deliver insights from reliable data every time, without any distractions to your principal business. With some of the world’s best-known brands and most prestigious agencies in our portfolio, we have built a network of trust in delivering global audiences for online research.

When you require precise B2B Research Audiences or Targeted Consumer Market Segments – Anywhere Globally – Discover Sampling Certainty®.


    Sessions from OvationMR:

    Supporting investment decisions with alternative data

    Over the last decade, the use of alternative data by hedge fund managers and other investment firms has grown significantly. Alternative data is non-traditional data that is collected and used [...]


    Wednesday | 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Room 3

    Leveraging the CX interaction to add value to the B2B purchaser relationship

    OvationMR conducts primary research with B2B audiences, including OEMs and brands as well as purchasing decision-makers along the supply chain. Over the past few years, especially since the onset of [...]


    Thursday | 11:00 am - 11:30 am | Room 3