February 12-13, 2019

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The Perils of Perception: Why We and Our Respondents are Wrong About Everything and What We Can Do About It

Room 4 | 5:00-5:30 | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Understanding human biases, their implications for research and what we might change.


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Video Won’t Kill the Research Star: How to Get the Most from All Past Research

Video is becoming a full-fledged component of the modern research portfolio due to its capability to deliver better, richer insights and greater impact. However, historically it has been difficult to [...]


Wednesday | 11:30-12:00 | Room 4

Developing a Customer-Obsessed Culture: How Insights Transformed Salesforce

Insights-driven businesses will take $1.2 trillion in revenue per year by 2020. Why should you care? Because these insights-driven businesses are coming after your customers and your top line. The [...]


Wednesday | 3:15-3:45 | Room 4

Transforming Insight at Spire Healthcare

Join this session to hear a conversation with Will Ranner, head of insight, discussing his priorities and experiences Spire Healthcare together with James Wycherley, CEO of the Insight Management Academy.


Wednesday | 3:15-3:45 | Room 2