February 12-13, 2019

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The Future of Brewing

Room 1 | 1:30-2:00 | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Change is coming… Or is it already here?
The world is changing at an ever faster pace.
Long-established businesses and categories fall by the wayside.
Peoples’ values and behaviors are changing.
How to stay relevant when the world that you belong to is changing.

Managing change
Look at the trends (past and future) – declining usage and relevance are key challenges that have to be faced into.
What needs to be true to survive?

Understanding the speed of change
Millennials vs. Baby Boomers – keeping the balance of focus right as the change comes through.
Meet the needs of the Greys.
Can we protect the traditional (prolong /reinvent)?

What’s next
Where can we test and learn?
What does the future look like for the drinks Industry: Getting the offer right for the occasion (products and NPD, perfect serve – creating the drinks experience, food and beer matching opportunities).

So what does the future really look like? No one knows. It’s constantly evolving.
To survive, we must evolve too.

Presentation type:

  • Case Study Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Data integration/big data
  • Storytelling/data interpretation
  • Global/international research
  • Hybrid/mixed methods (qualitative, quant, mobile, SM)


  1. Look past today: Using hybrid data allows you to prepare for the future.
  2. Be ready for a challenge: Taking people on the journey is key, data gives you authority to challenge.
  3. Be prepared to test and learn: The future is constantly changing and solutions need to be flexible.


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