February 12-13, 2019

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Researchers are Underrated: Why 2019 Isn’t the Year of the Robots

Room 1 | 10:45-11:15 | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It’s clear that MR will not escape the technological disruption being experienced by other industries. But what exactly will change?  And when? Like many industries in this new economic reality, market research organizations must now uncover higher-quality insights almost instantly and at a lower cost, which makes automating some of their processes inevitable.

Daunting? Certainly. Doable? Yes. The partnership of technology and good old fashioned human beings is well-placed to handle the ever-growing demands of the research client. In this entertaining and informative session, Miguel Ramos of Confirmit will highlight and comment on the key trends that will support and challenge market researchers this year.

The good news is that most of it is about being more human. Miguel will talk about the technologies that will allow you as a researcher to effectively meet the demands of your clients. And how to do that by using approaches like conversational technology and in-the-moment feedback to engage respondents.

We’ll also cover multi-media and the possibilities that opens up for you. What seemed like witchcraft a few years ago is now firmly established and ready to use. Miguel will talk about some of the most compelling use cases for video capture, emotion recognition and app-based research so you can identify how to get started in your research.

Finally – of course – Miguel will tackle the thorny issue of automation and AI. Will it end all our careers before the year is out? Or just give us the chance to get better at the good stuff? Working with research clients to help them make better decisions? Join Miguel to find out!


  • How conversational technology will not only better engage respondents but also provide researchers with more robust and higher quality feedback – and happier end customers!
  • Why the slow shift to multi-media interactions will finally gather pace and begin to open up huge new possibilities for both qualitative and quantitative insights.
  • How increased automation will allow both MR agencies and internal insight teams to evolve into specialist hubs as repetitive tasks are handled by technology and professional researchers are able to focus on delivering real value.


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