February 12-13, 2019

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How Sky Brings the Customer Voice into the Boardroom to Keep their Customers at the Heart of Decision-Making

Room 2 | 10:45-11:15 | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sky Limited is Europe’s largest and leading media and telecommunications company. With more than 20 million subscribers, keeping customer feedback at the forefront of key decision-making can be a challenge. Sky’s strategic insight team is devoted to ongoing customer listening to inform every part of the business, bringing the customer voice into key decisions that impact their strategy. But with such a large audience to satisfy, how do they listen at-scale? Join us in this session where we’ll highlight the different research methods that support Sky’s customer closeness program and how agile video feedback offers accessibility and flexibility when they need powerful feedback fast.


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The Perils of Perception: Why We and Our Respondents are Wrong About Everything and What We Can Do About It

Understanding human biases, their implications for research and what we might change.


Tuesday | 5:00-5:30 | Room 4

Square Peg, Round Hole: What Are We Missing?

Contemporary social shifts are outmoding the categories that dominate the way we conduct qualitative research. How do you classify a three-person family who lives in a tiny house? Are they homeless? [...]


Tuesday | 1:30-2:00 | Room 4

Meet the ESOMAR team

Have a glass of wine or beer on us, and hear from the new ESOMAR President Joaquim Bretcha about the latest ESOMAR projects. Meet Director General Finn Raben, UK Council [...]


Wednesday | 4:30-4:45 | Room1