February 12-13, 2019

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Eight of 10 Survey Projects are Reported in Excel and PowerPoint – Let’s Automate the Process!

Room 3 | 2:15-2:45 | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

PowerPoint was the leading delivery method in our industry a decade ago. Today it plays an even more dominant role. For the near future, PowerPoint’s position will remain unchanged.

As the PowerPoint reports are changing from standard table/chart/text-based reports to much more visual-oriented or infographic-based presentations, the reporting processes get more complex and time consuming as new manual processes are added – and consequently get more expensive. The long-term answer to this challenge is not continuing outsourcing the work to low-cost countries nor relying on complex software solutions that only can be handled by technical wizards. There is a call for more intuitive and user-friendly software to automate the production of infographic-based PowerPoint presentations.

Nectar Loyalty was in this situation and is a typical case story – senior researchers were spending too much time processing data and too little time reading the data to be able to give the most insightful feedback to their clients. They wanted to create infographic-based, customized reports for each of their clients based on a common set of survey questions.

With the OfficeReports add-in for Microsoft Office, Nectar created a solution which enabled the consultant to populate the PowerPoint template directly with data from each customized survey. The historical approach had taken several days to process the survey data and create and check each PowerPoint report. The new system takes only a few hours – charts are automatically populated, infographics are updated and customized elements are included. All this without copy/pasting or retyping.

Presentation type:

  • Best Practice Workshop

Subjects covered:

  • Data visualization
  • Customer experience
  • Storytelling/data interpretation
  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative
  • Automated research


Survey results are typically delivered in PowerPoint but the work process from data to final deliveries includes way too many manual steps. With the OfficeReports plug-in for Microsoft Office, Nectar automated the work and reduced the process from several days to a few hours.


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