February 12-13, 2019

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Jacob Ayoub

Senior Director, Customer and Market Insights, Salesforce

Jacob Ayoub is senior director, customer and market insights at Salesforce in San Francisco. In this role, he and his team are the chief customer evangelists and storytellers across Salesforce and represent who the customer is and what they care about by role, industry, market and geography. The customer and market insights team is a strategic company asset that drives product roadmap prioritization, marketing and branding, competitive positioning and customer retention and growth.

Prior to Salesforce, Jacob was at the Clorox Company for 10 years.

Sessions from Jacob Ayoub:

Developing a Customer-Obsessed Culture: How Insights Transformed Salesforce

Insights-driven businesses will take $1.2 trillion in revenue per year by 2020. Why should you care? Because these insights-driven businesses are coming after your customers and your top line. The [...]


Wednesday | 3:15-3:45 | Room 4