February 12-13, 2019

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Babita Aytain

Account Manager, One-MS

Babita has over six years of experience in research and consultancy, specializing in both social and consumer research. Babita has a wealth of expertise in the design and implementation of mixed-methods research, comprising of quantitative and qualitative research projects, and her enthusiasm in this industry comes from her experience in helping brands and organizations strengthen and evolve to better deliver against needs. Babita has worked on various NPD and concept testing products for popular brands including Thorntons, Pizza Hut, Nivea, Cadburys and Mr Kipling.

Sessions from Babita Aytain:

Move Over Mum, Dads Also Deserve our Attention: Rebalancing the Gender Focus

We believe it is time to put the spotlight on dad and examine his role in today‚Äôs “modern family.” In a joint presentation, Premier Foods and ONE-MS will review how [...]


Tuesday | 10:00-10:30 | Room 1