February 12-13, 2019

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Kiosk Y

Eye square is a leading global provider of experience research. We specialize in the fields of user experience, brand and media and shopper experience. A group of user experience researchers and experts in the field of implicit research founded eye square in 1999. Right from the start eye square pioneered the use of eye-tracking for user and market research. Based on our experience, we have built up one of the largest databases of commercial eye-tracking and emotional measurement data worldwide. These data allow us to benchmark how users experience new Web sites, mobile applications products, advertisements and marketing materials against established biomarkers. Eye square’s extensive client portfolio includes major companies such as eBay, LG Electronics, Allianz, Deutsche Telekom, Google, P&G, just to mention a few. Our teams are based in Berlin, London, Seoul and Tokyo, from where they conduct their innovative projects in all parts of the world.