February 12-13, 2019

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Exhibitor, Presenter

Kiosk J

AYTM is a market research platform that allows researchers, marketers and analysts to run a full range of quantitative research via the ease of a do-it-yourself platform.

AYTM’s integrated proprietary panel provides best-in-class levels of trust and quality, access to over 40 million consumers in 26 countries and real-time pricing with guaranteed delivery times.

We empower researchers via our user-friendly platform to collaborate in real-time on survey design and program complex research tests including max-diff, choice-based conjoint, pricing optimization and more.

The result is quick access to high-quality insights at a budget that fits research organizations of all sizes.

Sessions from AYTM:

Transitioning from Full-Service to Self-Service

We will present a detailed case study for a global consumer brand that has successfully moved from primarily full-service to self-service for a substantial portion of their research. This case [...]


Wednesday | 8:30-9:00 | Room 3