The Virgin Media O2 SME audiences: An example of a great segmentation

“Every segmentation is a huge challenge and many of them fail to live up to expectations, even today. The two biggest issues are:

  1. A framework that is fundamentally not fit for purpose, failing to balance the rich insight and mappability needed to be actionable.
  2. A segmentation that is not engaged with and used by the business to drive success.

Time and again, even in 2022/2023, these two issues continue to occur and so a great segmentation remains an elusive game-changer for many organizations.

The Virgin Media O2 SME Audience Segmentation was cognizant of these issues and purposefully designed to avoid them, delivering a segmentation that is actionable and actioned, leading to positive impact on the organization. In this case study we will share the tools and skills we used, including: aligning on a vision, establishing success criteria, creating a great hybrid segmentation, quick and powerful commercial analysis for strategic decision taking, establishing ownership from the outset and enabling organizational behavior change.”

Key takeaways:

  1. Set up for success: by establishing a clear vision and set of key success criteria.
  2. Embrace the art of creating a great segmentation: by working backwards from success and blending commercial and customer-centricity.
  3. Delivering commercial success and outcomes: by establishing ownership from the outset and enabling organizational behavior change.

Case Study Joint Presentation Telecommunications


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