Rooting your business in the customer: A grassroots guide to segmentation

From beauty salons to online boutiques, dentists to craft breweries, Tyl by NatWest helps U.K. businesses take payments in store, over the phone and online. Customer experience is at the heart of what we do, driving effortless payment experiences.

It’s never been more important to understand your customers and segmentation is a key to unlocking that insight. The challenge was put to us to deliver from the ground up, we started with a blank page and one overwhelming question – where do we start?

We’ll share how you can be empowered to do your own in-house segmentation. Discussing how we devised a plan, kept our focus, engaged key stakeholders and repurposed insight to produce a segmentation tool that would deliver real tangible impact to our business – all with no fancy budget.

Six months later, we now have actionable personas used by the business from product development to customer acquisition.

Key takeaways:

  1. How to kick start your own segmentation.
  2. Benefits to repurposing customer insights.
  3. How stakeholder engagement is the key to your success.

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