Moja: Fueled by insights and upping the stakes in the insurtech revolution

Moja is AXA’s new digital-only car insurance brand, born from a deep understanding of digital natives – it’s the new kid on the block, delivering fairness and simplicity 24/7.

Since launch, Moja has smashed its targets – welcoming Gen Z to the AXA family, and delivering the hyper-personalized experience they crave, thanks to research by Walnut Unlimited.

Join us to hear the Moja story – a journey peppered with agile customer testing to accelerate its success as AXA U.K.’s first in-house created brand and now a blueprint for other across global markets.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understand target market’s needs before building a brand/product.
  2. Research-led decision making reaps rewards.
  3. Using ‘test and learn’ method from inception to launch.

Case Study Financial Services Joint Presentation


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