HEART: The Barometer of Healthy Acquisition and Retention

Room 3 | 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm | Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Measuring brand health is complex and multi-faceted. For brands with subscription business models or a need to engage regular users, visitors digitally, prioritizing which functional and emotional aspects of your brand to invest in carries risk and uncertainty. HEART stands for Healthy Acquisition and Retention Temperature. It uses advanced analytics techniques to determine overall brand health (T-score), benchmark it against other brands, identify opportunities to develop a stronger HEART and has the potential to measure the impact of brand activations.

For brands with subscription business models or a need to engage regular users/visitors digitally, we will demonstrate through our Healthy Acquisition and Retention Temperature model (HEART):

  1. A new way to measure and benchmark brand health.
  2. How to identify the most valuable customers to acquire.
  3. Where to invest in the brand for maximum return.

Case Study Consumers Presentation by Supplier


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