Generative AI meets text analysis for a quant and qual understanding of rugby players’ attitudes

Room 2 | 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm | Thursday, May 4, 2023

With ever-improving new AI technology, market researchers are looking for ways to employ AI beyond efficiency gains on manual text analysis. Instead, they are for example searching for possibilities to enrich their analysis and improve the storytelling in their reports.

Curious to learn how revolutionary generative AI like ChatGPT can work in conjunction with specialized text analysis AI to bring never-seen depth in the analysis of open-ended feedback? Then join England Rugby and Caplena in their showcase for how they used AI to understand rugby player’s attitudes and improve the player engagement.

Key takeaways:

  1. Learn what generative AI can bring for open-end analysis.
  2. Understand limitations and how to navigate them using other methods.
  3. See how data-driven companies like England Rugby are using Self-Service AI to understand attitudes.

Case Study Joint Presentation Technology


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