Diversity, inclusion and belonging in BT’s insight team – And beyond

A look at how BT’s insight team is working towards creating an inclusive environment where our insight and our team better reflect the communities it serves.

In this presentation we will discuss:

  1. A reminder of WHY this subject came into such sharp focus (George Floyd and BLM) – It’s important to remember that we have a problem to address; we aren’t simply talking about improvement plans.
  2. What we have done at BT; what’s worked well and what obstacles have we faced.
  3. BT’s contribution to changing the way Insight is created and delivered.
  4. The role of intersectionality – how opening up to thinking about Diversity and Inclusion can’t be PROSCRIPTIVE.
  5. The next step is INCLUSIVITY and BELONGING – moving the subject from sharing experiences to changing our world. 

Key takeaways:

  1. This is a permanent change and something that goes well beyond insight.
  2. Everyone is involved; nobody is excluded.
  3. Systemic issues mean thinking about how systems get built and re-built.

Best Practices Presentation by End-Client Telecommunications


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